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There will be swag bags available to the first 100 adult guests-all vendors are encouraged to submit more than just business cards to the bags.  Drop off date and location to be announced closer to the event.

All vendor tables must have an interactive aspect to them.  All guests will be receiving passbooks that they will take to each table for a signature after completing your interactive table display.  Completed passbooks will be turned in for an entry into the big drawing.

Every vendor will donate one item to the drawing basket.  Health Practitioners may donate coupons for service.  Retail Vendors will donate an item up to a $20 value for the basket.  Drop off date and location to be announced closer to the event.

This event is about giving back to the community.  It is not a room full of vendor tables waiting to sell guests products without offering anything but product in return.  It's about sharing our healthy services and products with the community in a fun and interactive way that both sparks their interest in what we have to offer, as well as treats them to a free fun family day centered around being healthy and well. 

If we've sparked your interest, follow the instructions below to get registered as a vendor!

1-Determine if you are a Health Practitioner Vendor or a Retail Vendor.  The boxes above have a checklist to help you in this.

2-Click on the correct box and fill out the registration form.  We will review what your business offers, which services have already registered, the number of spaces we have available, and respond back.

3-If we are able to get you in, you will receive an acceptance email with further instructions on making your payment.  Once accepted, vendors have until June 30th to make their full non-refundable payment to hold their space.

Welcome to the Vendors Sign Up page for the Community Health & Wellness Expo!

Please locate us on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/331271306938241/
(event page)


(vendors group page that you will be added to once registered-contact us if you have not been added but are already approved to be a vendor and we will add you asap!)
Wellness Expo on Facebook
Vendors/Sponsors Name
Cell Phone
Todays Date
Community Health & Wellness Expo 2012
(Applicant: please fill out completely.  Vendors with incomplete applications will be contacted and given one week to complete their application in full before the next vendor is given the space. You will be redirected to the Wellness Expo page immediately afterwards)  Thank you for your interest!
Website URL (if applicable)
Tell us about your business and what you offer
Any additional requirements/Needs?
By submitting this form I hereby apply for exhibit space or sponsorship at the Community Health & Wellness Expo 2012 located at Firstenburg Community Center, Vancouver, WA. I agree to comply with the event regulations, instructions and the conditions of the contract which I have read here and will receive an additional copy through email. I agree to abide by the condition and terms of the application and the accompanying contract.  I understand this is not a promise of space at this event and that until an acceptance email is received and full payment made the space is considered open.

I agree to all terms, policies, and liability releases.
Check if participating:
Door prize item for drawing donated - master attendee list provided

Click the boxes next to your choices.  If we are able to fit you in you will be sent instructions on making your payment.

Retail Vendor
: $50 

Health Professional
: $75 (additional floor space & advertising)                                                  

Swag Bags
: $25: 100 goodies, 1 donated item for Charity Raffle         

Facebook Shout Out ($10 per week-will be in posted in June) 4 Max.

Sponsor: logo on flyer, space at event, logo on Facebook page, Website listed on facebook invite page, items in swag bags ($200)

        TOTAL DUE:

***All payments due by June 30th,2012 so all printed items can be printed and returned in time!!
***No Refunds, all payments are final

A copy of the contract will be at the event.  Vendors will sign in on the contract, giving us one master contract to file and saving the vendors from the hassles of mailing it in.  This electronic version serves as our binding contract until sign in, at which time the master contract becomes the binding contract.
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